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The past few weeks have been really busy around here, so I’m going to be playing catch up on the portrait photography blog. Portrait Photography - G Servo

Gevon and I first met a few months ago during a photowalk in NYC with the incredible Trey Ratcliffe. Since both of us have a tendency to stray from the crowds during events like this, we wound up hanging out most of the afternoon, chatting and shooting the scenery. One of the things we noticed was that we were drawn to many of the same photo ops, but we had very different methods of capturing them and very different results. That’s how it is with photographers – you can put 300 of us in the same place, taking a picture of the same thing and you’ll wind up with 300 different photos, some that will look similar, but no two exactly alike. But I digress…

Since that time, Gevon and I have gotten to know each other better, finding we have a lot in common. We hang out a lot at photography events and now, we’ve even been getting together with our kids at a local playground. Even our kids get along great – no surprise there.

Gevon, known in photography circles as G Servo, is also a blogger at ThePhoblographer.com. On a regular basis, Gevon tests and reviews camera gear for the site. He also writes on his own personal blog at GServo.com. If you’re a coffee junkie, Gevon is someone you need to follow. He’s a connoisseur of the first order and always comes up with great photos to go along with the latest news and reviews in the world of java. He even maintains a paper.li site dedicated to the obsession called “League of Coffee Tweeters.

Portrait Photography

This photo was captured during an event called “This is Studio Light” which was hosted at DynaLite and put together by Scott Kivowitz.  While we had models for the event, we have a tendency to turn our cameras on each other. At the end of the day, we started testing a single light set up, using just a modeling light and a reflector. I had already told Gevon I wanted to get him on this blog, so he agreed to have a seat and let me get this shot.

If you’d like to learn more about Gevon or see his work, check out these links to his sites:
Twitter: @gservo
Personal blog: gservo.com
Contributor to: ThePhoblographer.com
Body of work at: 500px

Location:    DynaLite, Inc. – Union, NJ
Camera:       Canon EOS T4i
Lens:             Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC IF Macro
Light:           Single strobe and reflector

ISO 200; f/8.0; 1/60 sec.; Manual mode; Evaluative Metering

Post Processing:
Softened in Photoshop CS6 using inverted high pass filter and Imagenomic Noiseware plugin.


  1. Cool! I guess I need to play with my lights more. Even though I have them I find myself using natural lighting as my default.


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